Weddings & social events


The wedding is one of the most beautiful days in life. Who wouldn't want to experience it in a luxurious environment where romance is combined with gourmet feasts? Hotel Michael is the right choice for your dream day wedding.

We understand the meaning that a wedding has in the life of each couple and we feel a huge responsibility for a unique day, which we plan and prepare entirely according to your ideas. We will discuss all your wishes with you in detail and, using preliminary calculations, we will create the optimal combination of your dreams and financial possibilities.

Hotel Michael offers an ideal lounge with daylight for weddings. The lounge is suitable for wedding receptions for up to thirty people with space for a dance floor, refreshments, relaxation and a second wedding table. You can also use our summer terrace with a garden, where it is possible to organize a wedding ceremony, prepare an evening barbecue or a banquet with a wide range of dishes and drinks.

As part of wedding receptions, we usually provide the seating plan, printing of name tags and menus, floral decoration from the wedding bouquet to the interior decoration; music production, wedding cake, sweets, cakes, box of wedding sweets … We fulfill all your individual wishes with joy and maximum professionalism.

Our chef has prepared a variation of wedding menus for you according to the latest gastronomic trends. These offers are not binding and you can combine the individual courses with each other, but you can compile a wedding menu completely according to your ideas.

An integral part of the wedding reception is also the wedding night. If you decide to organize a wedding reception with us with a check over CZK 30,000, as a thank you and as our wedding gift to the newlyweds, we will provide a wedding night in our bridal suite completely free of charge.

We look forward to your wedding just like you. Do not hesitate to visit our hotel, we will be happy to discuss all the details of your dream day with you in person.